The English Resource Mobile Centre (ERMC) is a special designed vehicle for school exhibition purpose launched in 2002. With this flexible platform, we hope our teachers could reach a wide range of English educational resources without territory boundaries.

The ERMC carries over 3,000 educational titles. Teachers find it very helpful because they can find rich resources for teaching English. Since plenty of content area reading materials are also exhibited, it suits the needs for library reference as well. It includes the key learning areas such as Science, Geography and History etc. We also organize student book fairs which always offer attractive discount on site. As a result, both teachers and students find their favorite books!

If you are interested in this service, please call us at 2330 2533 or fax to 2330 3598 for more information.

We are so glad that our exhibition service is well recognized.  Here is the list of schools who have held a book fair organized by Stanford House recently.  Go to the photo gallery. It shares the remarkable moments that we treasure very much!

School Year :
2018-09-17SPH Rural Committee Kung Yik She Primary SchoolELT Exhibition (BF18-30062)
2018-09-18True Light Middle School of Hong KongBook Fair (BF18-30057)
2018-09-20United Christian CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30058)
2018-09-26Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary SchoolELT Exhibition (BF18-30059)
2018-09-27Lingnan Secondary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30060)
2018-09-29Ling To Catholic Primary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30061)
2018-10-04Ho Lap College (Sponsored By The Sik Sik Yuen)Book Fair (BF18-30063)
2018-10-08Lam Tin Methodist Primary SchoolELT Exhibition (BF18-30064)
2018-10-19TWGH Lui Yun Choy Memorial CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30065)
2018-10-20International Christian Quality Music Secondary & Primary School (Primary Section)Book Fair (BF18-30066)
2018-10-23Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary SchoolELT Exhibition (BF18-30067)
2018-10-25SKH St Mary's Church Mok Hing Yiu CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30068)
2018-10-26Man Kiu CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30069)
2018-10-31St Peter's Secondary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30070)
2018-11-06TWGH Sun Hoi Directors' CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30071)
2018-11-10Christian Alliance International SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30072)
2018-11-15Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Secondary Section)Book Fair (BF18-30073)
2018-11-19Ko Lui Secondary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30074)
2018-11-21Our Lady's CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30075)
2018-11-24Kowloon True Light Middle School (Primary Section)Book Fair (BF18-30076)
2018-11-28PLK Riverain Primary SchoolELT Exhibition (BF18-30077)
2018-11-29International Christian Quality Music Secondary & Primary School (Primary Section)Book Fair (BF18-30079)
2018-12-04St Francis of Assisi's CollegeBook Fair (BF18-30078)
2018-12-08HHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30080)
2018-12-10Elegantia College (Sponsored By Education Convergence)Book Fair (BF18-30081)
2018-12-14Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section)Book Fair (BF18-30082)
2018-12-15Canossa School (Hong Kong)Book Fair (BF18-30083)
2018-12-18St Edward's Catholic Primary SchoolBook Fair (BF18-30084)
2019-01-05Raimondi College Primary SectionBook Fair (BF19-30001)
2019-02-17Sing Yin Secondary SchoolBook Fair (BF19-40001)
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