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Read to Achieve HK Edition Book 1, 2nd edition - Audio

Track 002 Some Like It Hot!
Track 003 A World of Sausage
Track 004 A Movable Feast
Track 005 World BBQ
Track 006 Insects on the Menu
Track 007 Fashion Goes High-Tech
Track 008 Street Fasions for the Young and Hip
Track 009 Finding Beauty in the City
Track 010 A World of Animated GIFs
Track 011 A Healthy Way to Know a City
Track 012 Taking a Working Holiday
Track 013 Speeding from Guangzhou to Hong Kong
Track 014 Sailing the High Seas
Track 015 Munich Germanys Southern Gem
Track 016 Okinawa A Fine Japanese Holiday Destination
Track 017 Native American Beauty
Track 018 Making a Magic Carpet
Track 019 Glassblowing Sand Becomes Art
Track 020 The Magic of Pop-up Books
Track 021 Becoming a Master Woodworker
Track 022 The Great White Way
Track 023 Rock n Roll Changes the World
Track 024 The Rise of 4-D Films
Track 025 Cirque du Soleil
Track 026 Improv Everywhere
Track 027 Surfing on the Land
Track 028 The Thrill of the Glide
Track 029 Parkour: The Art of Running
Track 030 Play It Safe with Wakeboarding
Track 031 BMX Comes of Age
Track 032 Shooting Hoops
Track 033 Popular Racquet Sports
Track 034 Time to Volley
Track 035 Snooker: A Close Relative of Billiards
Track 036 The Most Popular Sport in the World
Track 037 Combining the Mental and the Physical
Track 038 Chasing the Cheese
Track 039 Dodgeball Leaves the Schoolyard
Track 040 A Burden to Bear
Track 041 The World of Competitive Eating
Track 042 Muay Thai
Track 043 Draw Your Swords!
Track 044 The Ultimate Fight
Track 045 Judo: The Gentle Way
Track 046 The Product of a Master
Track 047 The Grandfather of Running Races
Track 048 Swim, Cycle, and Run
Track 049 Leaves the Shoes at Home
Track 050 Serious Long-Distance Running
Track 051 A Glance at the Ancient Olympics
Track 052 What Make a Typhoon?
Track 053 Global Warming and You
Track 054 Aurora Borealis: Magic in the Sky
Track 055 A Stratospheric Jump
Track 056 Early Human Migration
Track 057 The Hubble Space Telescope
Track 058 The Shuttle Era Comes to an End
Track 059 A Mission to Mars
Track 060 SETI: The Dream of Life in Space
Track 061 Voyager 1: Boldly Going Where None Has Gone
Track 062 Let the Car Drive
Track 063 The World of VR Technology
Track 064 The Robots Are Doing the Thinking
Track 065 Keeping the World in Our Pockets
Track 066 Bitcoins: The Future of Money?
Track 067 When Will the Earth Shake Next?
Track 068 Sad Times in the Arctic
Track 069 Why Are the Fields Not Buzzing?
Track 070 The (Not So) Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Track 071 The Lungs of the World
Track 072 Lets Move!
Track 073 Human Organs Made to Order
Track 074 A Toilet Revolution
Track 075 The Guinea Worm Success Story
Track 076 Trans Fat Loses Its Luster
Track 077 Social Network: Too Little Privacy
Track 078 Is the Internet Making Us Dumber?
Track 079 Helping Entrepreneurs through Crowdfunding
Track 080 Pushing for Social Change with the Internet
Track 081 How the Internet Is Changing Our Language
Track 082 How Smartphones Changed the World
Track 083 The Origin of Television Advertising
Track 084 Sharing Videos on the Web
Track 085 The Future of Publishing on Paper
Track 086 The Rise of Electronic Media
Track 087 Green Energy
Track 088 The Controversial Role of Greenpeace
Track 089 Water Scarcity
Track 090 Cities Going Green
Track 091 Fire Ice: A New Source of Energy?
Track 092 Blue Jeans and the Little Black Dress
Track 093 The Origin of High Fashion
Track 094 Why We Imitate Celebrities
Track 095 Ethical Fashions
Track 096 High Fashion Reality Shows
Track 097 The Origin of Taboos
Track 098 Cultural Differences about Personal Space
Track 099 Taboos about the Body
Track 100 Taboos about Death
Track 101 Food Taboos
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