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Read to Achieve HK Edition Book 2, 2nd edition - Audio

Track 002 Dare to Jump?
Track 003 Learning to Fly
Track 004 A Frozen Sport
Track 005 White Water Rafting
Track 006 Surfing in the Sand
Track 007 E-Sports Are Taking Over
Track 008 The Fastest Cars in the World
Track 009 Biking in Nature
Track 010 Get in the Ball
Track 011 A New Way to Travel
Track 012 The Greatest of All Time
Track 013 Six Olympic Medals!
Track 014 The Cycling Pride of Hong Kong
Track 015 The Accidental Superstar
Track 016 Never Give Up
Track 017 An Ancient Tradition
Track 018 The Dancing Dragon
Track 019 Believe It or Not!
Track 020 The Worlds Oldest Sports
Track 021 Why Do We Play Sports?
Track 022 Great Athletes
Track 023 Get the Cheese!
Track 024 How Many Hot Dogs Can You Eat?
Track 025 The Hardest Sport
Track 026 Fighting Sports
Track 027 Should We Use Nuclear Energy?
Track 028 Is It Safe?
Track 029 Clean and Popular
Track 030 No More Polar Bears?
Track 031 Less Every Day
Track 032 What Is Heritage Protection?
Track 033 The Symbol of Ancient Rome
Track 034 Tourism and Heritage Protection
Track 035 War and Heritage Protection
Track 036 Should All Heritage Be Protected?
Track 037 Converting to a Cashless Society
Track 038 The Most Convenient Way to Shop
Track 039 What Do You Think?
Track 040 Lets Pay for It Ourselves!
Track 041 Bottom Up!
Track 042 Clean, Convenient, and Cheap
Track 043 Make Home a Little Nicer
Track 044 The Internet: Changing Everything
Track 045 Its 4D!
Track 046 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Track 047 Who Is Watching You?
Track 048 Typhoon Mangkhut
Track 049 Culture and Nature
Track 050 Happy St Patricks Day!
Track 051 A Fun and Strange Festival
Track 052 Be Safe and Have Fun
Track 053 One of the Worlds Best Cities
Track 054 A Beautiful City
Track 055 A Trip to the Past
Track 056 The Heart of Europe
Track 057 Want to Be a Writer?
Track 058 One of Literatures Biggest Prizes
Track 059 A Top Writer
Track 060 The Worlds Oldest Novel
Track 061 The King of Horror
Track 062 The Two Masters
Track 063 Turning Food into Art
Track 064 Free and Easy
Track 065 Cooking Tops and Myths
Track 066 Want to Try Fried Alligator?
Track 067 The Stunning Music and Images of Woodkid
Track 068 Play Me a Song
Track 069 A Life of Music
Track 070 The Changing World of Music
Track 071 Rap Music
Track 072 Turning Letters into Art
Track 073 Send Me That Photo
Track 074 Relax Your Body and Mind
Track 075 49 Meters above the Ground
Track 076 Little Inventions That Changed the World
Track 077 Why Do We Yawn?
Track 078 The Brain: Myths and Facts
Track 079 Dont Touch That!
Track 080 An Amazing Invention
Track 081 Its in Your Genes
Track 082 Africas Most Dangerous Animal
Track 083 Gone Forever
Track 084 Biggest, Fastest, Smartest
Track 085 Emperor Penguins
Track 086 Staying Alive
Track 087 Hungry Plants
Track 088 Giants of the Forest
Track 089 Danger!
Track 090 Plants That Can Help You
Track 091 How Do Plants Spread Seeds?
Track 092 Its Raining Fish!
Track 093 Nessie
Track 094 Englands Greatest Mystery
Track 095 Stones That Move
Track 096 The Most Powerful Force in Space
Track 097 Traveling in the Future
Track 098 Going to Mars
Track 099 Inside a 4D Film
Track 100 The Worlds Smallest Science
Track 101 A Microchip in Your Body
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